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halo twelve : closure


halo one: down in it
halo two: pretty hate machine
halo three: head like a hole . UK
halo four: sin . UK
halo five: broken
halo six: fixed
halo seven: march of the pigs (disc 1) . (disc 2)
halo eight: the downward spiral
halo nine: further away . closer to god (disc 2)
halo ten: further down the spiral
halo eleven: the perfect drug
halo twelve: closure (2 video set)
halo thirteen: the day the world went away
halo fourteen: the fragile
halo fifteen: we're in this together (disc 1) . (disc 2) . (disc 3)

other projects

the crow soundtrack
natural born killers soundtrack
quake soundtrack
lost highway soundtrack
i'm afraid of americans remixes


the downward spiral promo
closer promo

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