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Just some random quotes and lyrics that I happened to jot down. Something might
become of them someday, but for now...

[ 02.24.00 ] "Maybe you were put on this earth to make everyone else feel good about themselves"
[ 02.15.00 ] "Pity those whose lives revolve around one solitary thing, for when it is gone, so shall they be"
[ 10.22.99 ] "By myself I can't help but feel this way
By myself, the whole world just fades away
By myself, I wanted them all to stay
All is gone and I am..."
[ 10.06.99 ] "Maybe you don't think it's a problem...
Maybe you don't mind...
Maybe you don't want to get angry...
I do."
[ 09.24.99 ] "There's only so much I can handle
There's only so much I can hide
I just have so much pain within me
I just can't keep it all inside"
[ 09.23.99 ] "The whole world is drowning, and I refuse to jump in."
[ 09.03.99 ] "My life is worth so much
My pain has been erased
My friends all really love me
Just see the smile on my face

I've got a hidden rage burning inside me
I've got no place to hide
Don't mind me, I'll be fine."
[ 07.13.99 ] "Sometimes the things you don't do make me want to do it
to end it all.
You make it too easy
You make me want it more
You make all of this worth nothing
nothing at all.
I want to do it now
do it quick
do it fast
Before you can tell me I shouldn't
Before I realize you won't."
[ 04.29.99 ] "The feeling is creeping into my head, again
The feeling is seeping into my blood again
The feeling, I'm breathing in, and I'm choking again
The feeling that I'll never win, is coming again"
[ 10.26.98 ] "With every new mark on your neck
There's another dagger in me
When I want to look at you
He is all I can see"
[ 08.17.98 ] "Look into my eyes
and don't tell me you can't see
the crashing fears, the trembling tears
and insecurity"
[ 00.00.00 ] "If I were to die tomorrow, people would not weep for my passing
but because it hadn't happened sooner"
[ 00.00.00 ] "Just don't leave me here, this broken man
Cuz I need you to prove, just who I am"
[ 00.00.00 ] "How much more of myself can I lose before I can't live anymore?"
[ 00.00.00 ] "If I'd known it from the start
I wouldn't have let you feel my heart
in the end it all falls apart"
[ 00.00.00 ] "If she doesn't know I'm alive, maybe she'll know if I'm dead"
[ 00.00.00 ] "I've got nothing left to
given too much as it
isn't anything but hatred
... and I am drowning

I don't know who I should be
'cause you weren't meant for me..."
[ 00.00.00 ] "You're right, it's my fault. I couldn't rip the knife out of my back fast enough to stop bleeding."
[ 00.00.00 ] "To you it's all a game
To me it's all the same
You thought I was to blame
But I am not..."

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