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my life's work
(well, some of it...)


ARCH 132 - sketches and other work I created for Architecture 132.

ISHMAEL - a page of sketches of, or relating to Ishmael...

DEMON - a demon holding an orb of energy.
NIN Logo - just felt like making a NIN logo.

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MENTAL - a small collection of comics I've just started. It gives me yet another outlet for my frequent bouts of insanity...

Bryce and Poser Images - These two programs are great! Add a little creativity, some serious time, and you've got this section...

- this is a "preview" of the game DIRT I made as a senior project. The actual game is a similar style to MYST and RIVEN. These images were created with Extreme 3D. (If you like what you see... please send me your comments)

MAGIC CARDS - a little Flash game I made to promote my other website.

PAIN - a basic picture which features my online nickname.
PAIN - same idea... this time it's an animation

"Better Music Through Technology" - Version 1.0 of a T-shirt I designed. It's a promotion for all forms of electronic music. I may actually produce it some day if there is enough interest. So, if you like it... please tell me!

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- a current, ongoing project wandering the realm of music. will I have enough material to make an album? will I be satisfied enough to keep going? who knows... give me feedback and we'll see.


"Spin Spin Sugar" - original song by Sneaker Pimps
"Post-Modern Sleaze" - also by Sneaker Pimps
"F - I - A" - drums, bass, guitar, & vocals . lyrics!
"F - I - A (all f**ked up)" - remixed by: Paradise Industries
"midi 1" - drums, synth bass, & blast lead
"midi 2" - drums, pulse bass, sax lead, & piano lead
"electric shotgun" - drums & bass
"electric shotgun 2" - drums, bass, & piano
"bongo beat" - a jungle sound
"whipping boy" - certainly has a darker feel to it...

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Poetry of Pain - everyone has bad poetry... here's mine. Some of it is half decent, actually...

Stories of Sorrow - short but sweet. Some of these stories play on our emotions, while others have unexpected twists...

Broken Thoughts - a collection of quotes and unfinished lyrics. Some clever, some funny, mostly dismal... all me.


Guess Who - Exhibit A & Exhibit B - Ever see a confusing photo and wonder what's going on in the background? These pages attempt to change all that...

Why Paul Almost Failed Math 294 - a humor (at least, intended humor) piece. It's the kind of thing me and Steve amuse ourselves with during all those boring lectures...

Something for Shel - a tribute (of sorts) to Shel Silverstein. It's a collection of poems I wrote awhile ago that all have a bit of his style...

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VP·SQUARED - fulfilling the world's vertical plotting needs, one paradigm at a time...

Free Cash World - all sorts of ways you can make money, or get free stuff online!...

The Sperry 2 Website - has a lot of photos with funny comments, some quotes, and other things...

Cornell Webpage - has my résumé and various projects I have worked on...

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