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The following is a collection of Nine Inch Nails MIDIs I had before MP3s and broadband were popular. I have selected my favorite MIDI for each song, (* and modified some of them when I thought it necessary). Even though they're not exactly the original songs, for the file size, you can't beat it.

Songs have been sorted by major album. Songs that are not linked, I do not have MIDIs for. But if you do, then please let me know, and help me complete my collection!

Also: My apologies to the original creators of these files, as I no longer have the associated text files...


01. head like a hole
02. terrible lie
03. down in it
04. sanctified
05. something i can never have
06. kinda i want to
07. sin
08. that's what i get
09. the only time
10. ringfinger


01. pinion
02. wish *
03. last *
04. help me i am in hell
05. happiness in slavery
06. gave up
98. physical
99. suck


01. mr. self destruct
02. piggy
03. heresy
04. march of the pigs *
05. closer
06. ruiner *
07. the becoming *
08. i do not want this
09. big man with a gun
10. a warm place
11. eraser *
12. reptile
13. the downward spiral
14. hurt


01. somewhat damaged
02. the day the world went away (quiet)
03. the frail
04. the wretched
05. we're in this together
06. the fragile
07. just like you imagined
08. even deeper
09. pilgrimage
10. no, you don't
11. la mer
12. the great below
01. the way out is through
02. into the void
03. where is everybody?
04. the mark has been made
05. please
06. starfuckers, inc.
07. complication
08. i'm looking forward to joining you, finally
09. the big comedown
10. underneath it all
11. ripe (with decay)


now i'm nothing *
dead souls
purest feeling
the perfect drug

* (I made some slight alterations to create these... I'd like to think they're somewhat better...)

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