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Assorted Sound Clips

(All are in  WAV   format...)

Do with these clips what you will... use them as samples, preview the songs...
(I have fun using them for alert sounds!)

NIN Sound Clips

(they're in chronological order... sort of...)

head like a hole! - head like a hole
bow down before the one you serve,
you're going to get what you deserve...
- head like a hole
hey god, why are you doing this to me? - terrible lie
terrible lie! - terrible lie
i think you owe me a great big apology! - terrible lie
i was up above it! - down in it
now i'm down in it! - down in it
i was up above it, now i'm down in it! - down in it
i used to be somebody! - down in it
i am sanctified! - sanctified
fistf**k! - wish
this isn't meant to last, this is for right now! - last
happiness in slavery! - happiness in slavery
slave screams! - happiness in slavery
throw me away! - gave up
hey pig! - piggy
hey pig, piggy pig, pig pig! - piggy
now doesn't that make you feel better? - march of the pigs
you get me closer to god! - closer
help me! - closer
that part of me isn't here anymore! - the becoming
i'm so far away! - the becoming
i do not want this! - i do not want this
erase me! - eraser
REPTILE! - reptile (my personal favorite)
i will make you hurt... - hurt
they keep calling me! - dead souls
memorabilia... - memorabilia
you are the perfect drug, the perfect drug... - the perfect drug
without you everything falls apart... - the perfect drug
the CLOSER notes - closer

Trent speaks! - interview?
it's STORY TIME!!! -- let Trent tell you a story about his experiences touring...

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